Social Welfare Department
Social Welfare Department ˇX Support for Victims of Child Abuse, Spouse Battering and Sexual Violence
Social Welfare DepartDepartmental Hotline Service
Serene Court
Sunrise Court
Family Crisis Support Centre (Caritas - HK)
Against Child Abuse Ltd
End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation
Association Concernine Sexual Violence Against Women
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service˘wPost-migration
Women's Commission
The Global Women's Movement
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Related Legislation
Guardianship of Minors Ordinance (Chapter 13)
Matrimonial Causes Ordinance (Chapter 179)
Domestic and Cohabitation relationships Violence Ordinance(Chapter 189)
Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Ordinance (Chapter 192)
Offences against the Person Ordinance (Chapter 212)
Protection of Children and Juveniles Ordinance(Chapter 213)
Criminal Procedure Ordinance (Chapter 221)




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