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Moving Forward Against Domestic Violence Project

Outreaching to High Risk Groups


Bunny hEars Children Hotline

With the continuous sponsorship from THE BODY SHOP since 2007, the Bunny hEars Children Hotline was launched to provide emotional support and early identification of children aged between 6 V 12 who are at-risk of domestic violence through educational stories and songs, tongue twisters and IQ quizzers.

Service Objectives

  • To provide emotional support for children
  • To enhance the understanding of anti-domestic violence of children
  • To early identify children affected by domestic violence
  • To provide counseling services to children in need


  • Bunny hEars Children Hotline (Tel: 27518822)
    • News Express
    • Educational stories
    • IQ quizzers
    • Sing-a-song
    • Sharing forum
    • Emotional support
    • Early identification of children who are at-risk of domestic violence
    • Chatting time: 4:30pm to 7 pm, Monday to Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)
  • Children Choir
  • Volunteers Groups @

Target Service Users

  • Children aged 6-12







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