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Moving Forward Against Domestic Violence Project

Outreaching to High Risk Groups


Man Hotline

Since its establishment in year 2000, “Man Hotline” has been serving as a platform to reach out to men who are affected by domestic violence. In view of men’s reluctance to seek help and be engaged, “Man Hotline” provides immediate telephone counseling services and community resources referral to not only enable the abusers to realize the responsibilities of their violent behaviors but also offer support to the male victims.

Service Objectives:

  • To stop the abusive behaviors of male batterers
  • To encourage male batterers to accept the responsibility of their abusive behaviors
  • To encourage men who were affected by domestic violence to resolve their problems effectively and non-violently
  • To provide emotional support and relevant community resources to men who were affected by domestic violence

Service Contents

  • Counselling services for men batterers and men victims
  • Public education and promotions

Target Service Users

  • Men who affected by domestic violence







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