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Moving Forward Against Domestic Violence Project

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Moving Forward Against Domestic Violence Project

Sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Moving Forward Against Domestic Violence Project aims at arousing public awareness towards domestic violence, providing a comprehensive range of preventive and therapeutic services for families affected by domestic violence.

Service Objectives

  • To enhance public awareness on domestic violence and its prevention
  • To collaborate with multi-disciplinary professionals to tackle the problem of domestic violence
  • To advocate positive changes to existing policies and service systems related to domestic violence
  • To empower survivors of domestic violence through support and education
  • To help male batterers change their violent behavior and attitudes
  • To help children who have witnessed domestic violence recover from their traumatic experience
  • To organize training and sharing for cross-sector professionals

Project Contents

Community Education Program

  • Mass programs, exhibitions, talks
  • Publications, media promotions
  • Online self-assessment tool¡@

Support, Counseling and Treatment Services

  • Case and group counseling for victims
    • Women survivors¡¦ empowerment program
    • Batterer intervention program
    • ¡¥Caring Dad Groups¡¦

School-based Programs

  • Emotional education programs for primary school students
  • Screening and early identification of children witnessing domestic violence
  • Talks on gender equality and healthy relationships for secondary school students
  • Case consultation for teachers and school social workers

Training for Multi-Disciplinary Professionals ¡@

  • Sensitivity training of domestic violence
  • Intervention skill workshops
  • Sharing sessions

Target Services Users

  • Individuals who affected by domestic violence including abusers, victims and children who have witnessed domestic violence





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