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Moving Forward Against Domestic Violence Project

Outreaching to High Risk Groups


Outreaching to High Risk Groups

With the support of The Community Chest, the Outreaching to High Risk Groups project aims at early identifying and providing support for women and children affected by domestic violence. It also collaborates with schools and organizations in the community so as to raise the awareness of the public towards domestic violence

Service Objectives

  • To reach out and support women and children who are at risk of domestic violence or who have witnessed domestic violence
  • To collaborate with relevant NGOs and schools for the prevention of dating violence and domestic violence through organizing training workshops, educational talks and programs
  • To help new immigrants enhance their knowledge of family harmony and community resources
  • To provide service in kindergartens for early identification of pre-school children who are affected by domestic violence. This fills the service gap in kindergartens where social workers are not available

Service Contents

  • Reaching out to the adolescents who had witnessed domestic violence
  • Kindergarten emotion education program
  • New arrivals talk and activityˇ@

Target Services Users

  • Women, Children and Youth
  • New arrivals







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