Harmony Lane Center

Harmony Lane Centre


With the support from The Hongkong Bank Foundation and the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged, the Harmony Lane Center was established in 2011 at Shek Lei Estate in Kwai Tsing. The center provides outreaching services for children witnessing domestic violence, parenting support services and community education programs to help families establish harmonious relationships.

Service Objectives

  • To enhance the understanding of emotion and the building of positive social relationships of children through the “Harmony Express” Mobile Emotion Education Service delivered to primary schools
  • To provide case and group intervention for children witnessing domestic violence
  • To provide parenting skills training for building harmonious family
  • To enhance community education on prevention of domestic violence in Kwai Tsing

Service Contents

  • “Harmony Express” Emotion Education Mobile Service
  • Case counseling
  • Therapeutic groups for child and adult victims of domestic violence
  • Volunteer training programs
  • Parent-child relationship enhancement programs
  • Community education programs on harmonious family life

Target Service Users

  • Children and youth who witnessed domestic violence and their parents
  • Abusers and victims who affected by domestic violence
  • Communities

Entry of Services

  • Approach us though hotlines or agency units
  • Referrals from social workers or other professionals

Exit of Services

  • Either agency or service users may initiate the termination of service












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